Central London and M25 Retail Colocation Market 2015:
Structural changes and trends

The Colo-X 2015 review of the London retail colocation market updates our 2013 UK report with the latest changes and trends.

In particular, our research shows the changing mix and market shares in the UK retail colocation market. The changes have largely been driven by the massive growth in colocation facilities around the M25 over the past few years. They have also been fuelled by with the huge volume of wholesale capacity now available to retail colocation buyers.

Our analysis in the report shows how this shift has affected the retail colocation industry. The industry was 90% based in London Docklands 10 years ago, but now around 40% is based there. Notably, there is now more capacity available in the M25 market than in central London for the first time. Accompanying this change has been major structural shifts in the market, with old boundaries between retail, wholesale and service providers now all but gone. It was these significant changes that drove the proposed Interxion/Telecity deal which was then usurped by Equinix’s bid for Telecity later in 2015.

Who this report is aimed at

The report will be of particular interest if you want to answer questions such as:

  • What will the impact be of ‘Equicity’ on the retail colocation market? What are the combined Telecity/Equinix market shares that were too high for the regulatory authorities? What next for Interxion?
  • How the supply mix in the market has changed over the past few years?
  • What has happened to retail colocation pricing and what is the outlook looking forward?
  • What are the key London ecosystems and what is their value-add? What makes a key ecosystem and will new ones emerge?
  • What strategies are being adopted by market participants to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market?
  • What levels of capacity are there in the market today? What are the growth and supply pipelines – and how these relate to demand?

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