Telehouse North

4D Byfleet, Surrey

  • 7,000 sq ft facility located in Surrey near Byfleet
  • 4D offer shared, quarter, half or full racks
  • Full-service ISP offering, including cloud services

4D Gatwick, West Sussex

  • Opened March 2017
  • 400-rack capacity, 2MW customer power
  • Close to both London Gatwick and Crawley
  • 24/7 on-site support and security
  • Direct connections to Docklands and 4D Bylfeet

Amito Reading Data Centre

  • 6.5MVA, 1,000 rack capacity colocation facility in Reading, near J11 on the M4
  • Opened 2013
  • Excellent on-site technical support services
  • Superb value proposition