Custodian Data Centre, Maidstone

  • 10,000 sq ft net tech, 400 cabinets
  • Large mixed use site including office space/meeting rooms
  • Good power per rack, low PUE
  • Self-owned-and-managed network to Telehouse or Goswell Road

Datanet, Fleet, Hampshire

  • Small regional data centre just off the M3 in Hampshire
  • Carriers on site are BT, Zayo, Virgin Media and Level3
  • Full range of ISP services available, ISO27001

Digital Realty Trust, Bonnington House

  • Formerly Telecity Millharbour
  • Acquired by Digital Realty Trust (DRT) in 2016, with plans for big expansion
  • Long-established site, LINX node
  • Good connectivity choice for small site
  • Low on power per rack/metre

Digital Realty Trust, Redhill

  • Available in units of 240kW upwards
  • Lease-style contract, minimum 5 years
  • Tier 3 specification, 1.5kW/sq m as typical specification
  • 2.8MW of capacity available now (Sept 2010)